I'm Elisa

(math genius)

I'm an amateur and sometimes professional artist. Multi-discipline. Multi-crazy.

This is my personal blog.

I'm not really a math genius.

I dig several things:

Electronic music, folk, indie, synths, sci-fi, reading, philosophy, writing, geekery, pop culture, fashion, amusing things, super dimentional fortress, London, literature, arts, ballet, symphony, opera, avant garde, coffee, chinese food.

I was born in the 80's. I like animals. I'm friendly but my Anxiety Disorder and ADHD make me a hyperactive recluse, befriend me, follow me, reblog me, ask me things, etc.

Elisa x

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captainbedlam asked: Just saying hello. I have an interest in ADHD from the medical side. chris

hiya! thanks for writing :) I’m not an ADHD expert but since I’ve had it ever, since I can remember I’m also quite interested in it. Have you checked out the book ‘Driven to distraction’ by John J Ratey? It’s the best book sky ADHD I’ve read so far.
If you have any questions about don’t hesitate to ask :)

our little spawn


charcoal/graphite sketch


I’m feeling kind of anxious. 


charcoal and conte sketch of a little conqueror girl

morning London, #nofilter


I’m it.

Part 2

sterility asked: Oh my gosh!!! Congratulations!!! xxxx

Thank you my dear! I’m excited :D happy as Larry, etc etc

Hope you’re well!


The potion is brewing. [drawing]

In other news: I’m pregnant!! :)

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