I'm Elisa

(math genius)

I'm an amateur and sometimes professional artist. Multi-discipline. Multi-crazy.

This is my personal blog.

I'm not really a math genius.

I dig several things:

Electronic music, folk, indie, synths, sci-fi, reading, philosophy, writing, geekery, pop culture, fashion, amusing things, super dimentional fortress, London, literature, arts, ballet, symphony, opera, avant garde, coffee, chinese food.

I was born in the 80's. I like animals. I'm friendly but my Anxiety Disorder and ADHD make me a hyperactive recluse, befriend me, follow me, reblog me, ask me things, etc.

Elisa x


I am now 32 y/o :) and having a baby in less than 7 weeks!

aww thanks google

I need space, and by space I mean square footage…
So so so cramped… My desk is full of crap, my TV is enormous, I have no windows. The whole world is outside, I could own it, but I have no interest in dealing with the other humans. I mean I have a little interest but not enough to go out. I want to get my easel out and paint some pretty pictures, but my TV is huge. The problem with my TV being huge is that it can’t be mounted on the wall so it has to be standing on my LACK table from IKEA, and that is the best table for my easel, since it’s a table easel, not a standing one. I don’t think anyone noticed but I closed my etsy shop. I’m having a baby in less than two months. I’m going to have to take her out for walks and stuff, which is a nice encouragement. 

I should probably paint today, even if my TV is ridiculously large.

Everytime I post a photo of myself I lose 2 followers! #egoboost!

32weeks preggerx! Good God Lemon!


If I had riches

angels would stand next to me

but  I stand alone

My lovely Camilo & Jagger hanging out. Gracias @mariel_anaid <3


He threw a cord around her neck and hung her to a young elm.

From Roland furieux (Orlando Furioso or The Frenzy of Orlando), by Ludovico Ariosto, Paris, 1864.

(Source: archive.org)

Not haiku

Black doves flying East

petrol bombs and rotting flesh

pestilence is here


10 states of her


I feel like I need to puke, and nap, in a hyperbaric chamber…


Gory Day

Amelia woke up feeling startled
the house was surprisingly calm
she didn’t hear Edgar,
her stomp-y brother, mucking about
she couldn’t hear Purple,
her clumsy golden retriever
she didn’t hear mother, making breakfast
she didn’t hear father, making demands
all she could hear was a whirring noise
coming from outside
but she was too scared to get out of bed
and look out the window
she screamed for her momma
but there was no answer
she screamed for her father
he did not respond
so she panicked, and ran out of her bedroom
and what she found, was nothing if not gore
Purple was stabbed,
dead in a pool of her own blood
Father was beaten unconscious, and to a pulp
Mother was shot in the head, 
Edgar in her arms strangled with a tea towel
around his neck
somebody was banging at the door
'We're here to help, is there anyone there?
your neighbour heard a shot
is everything ok?’
Amelia ran to open the door
but there were no cops as she previously thought
it was her killer
who pointed at her with a gun

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